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    Native Extension in release build is an old version

    mark21549 Level 1

      I've had an issue where I've been modifying a native extension, debugging it and it works as expected. Then created release build and it is an old version of the native extension that is running. The rest of the application is as expected and updates with actionscript code changes. The native extension returns an image, which was initially in PNG format, I then changed it to BMP which I've tested by adding some actionscript to write to a file and use a hex editor to check the header of the file, which creates a BMP in debug but a PNG in the release build.


      Has anyone else had this issue, and is there a work arround to get Flash Builder to compile the correct version of the ane in the release build?


      Message was edited by: mark21549 Creating a new project and copying the source code and native extensions across in to it updates the native extension in the release build for the new project. Does any one now where the files are cached for the projects, I tried deleting the "C:\Users\[USER]\Adobe Flash Builder 4.7" folder but this just reset the settings and didn't refresh the native extension compiled in to the release build.