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    Newbie question..


      I'm starting to use AE, using templates to get me started.


      I would like to replicate this animation effect: http://youtu.be/A98NFBm8b9U?t=1m26s


      I don't actually know what this would be called.  Grateful for any pointers please!


      Thanks in advance


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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          There isn't just one technique used in this video. There are many:

          • Stop-frame animation
          • 3D Motion tracking
          • Isolating subject from background, either by color keying, rotoscoping or mask animation, and probably all three
          • Particle effects
          • Mask animation combined with the Stroke and Roughen Edges effects
          • Animated track mattes
          • Color correction and color grading
          • Use of a 3D application

          Those are the ones I identified after cursory view. There are probably more. 

          And you should also know that this kid of work ain't for the faint of heart among longtime AE users, to say nothing of a beginner.  Instead of trying to figure out templates, you really need to begin at the beginning.