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    Merge form responses for review?


      We have a scholarship application PDF form which requires submission of three references. Currently, each reference is submitted on a separate PDF reference form.


      What is the best way to include all three references with each submitter's application data for review?


      Can we include field(s) in the application form which are completed by a different person (the one providing a reference)?


      Separate but related:

      Applicant must provide academic transcript(s). Can an uploaded file be requested from/uploaded by a third party?

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          You could either 1) add the reference fields to the main form they are filling out or 2) create a different form for the references and use the applicants name to tie the references back to the main application form.


          If you made it separate forms then someone else could fill it out.


          We do support uploading of files as part of any form submission.


          Hope that answers your questions.



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