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    Dual SSD/Platter Set up

    alphaae Level 1

      My initial goal with this project is to increase the performance of AE by lower render and editing time. My first thought with this project was to replace the standard HDD in my MacBook Pro with a faster drive. Faster drive=faster project completion.

      Upon further investigation running through the forums a lot of people are running multipule drive machines a spectating there read and write drives to spectate ones to maximize the performance. I know some of the people who have thunderbolt ports are doing raid0 to accomplish this sadly I do not have thunder bolt.


      What I would like to do is pull out the super drive and replace with a second HDD to accomplish this same type of idea. The HDD drive in the optical bay would be a traditional 7200rpm drive in the range from 750gb to 1TB to store the majority of the large files I have. The main drive I would change to a smaller SSD drive for my OS and apps.


      All that being said I want the best return on my investment.

      Would I see significant improvement in my work flow? Or is it just a waste of time/money?


      If  I did do that how would I set the settings in AE to take advantage of the dual drive correctly?


      Here are the specs of my MacBook

      2.8ghz core 2 duo

      8GB ram (max)

      500gb 5400rpm drive

      OS Snow Leopard


      Thanks for the help in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Unless you make excessive use of footage sources that require such massive file I/O, the advantage will be zero. Likewise, any advantages with using an SSD or RAID for disk cache will only show up, if the project is so complex, that using cached data will be faster than calculating stuff dynamically. AE has always worked this way and it still does, even if CS6 takes a much more aggressive approach to some of those things. It all comes down to what you do in your projects and it's the same like when to use MP rendering and when not or al lthose endless threads on the best computer for AE. There are no simple answers here. In the end, you could indeed spend a lot of money for nothing.



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            alphaae Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Mylenium.


            I'm just trying to save a little money and extend the life of my macbook pro a bit. I know I can get a new i7 macbook pro but then again upgrading the hard drives is about $300 vs buying a new machine at $3,000.


            If anyone else has some experince with this area please feel free to chime in.