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    GPU upgrade for PP 5.5 from GTX295?

    NitroPress Level 1

      My workstation uses an Athlon II X4 processor and 12GB RAM, and I have a 7200RPM scratch disc. I will probably upgrade to CS6 sometime this year but for now 5.5 is serving me fine. I've read many of the threads here and elsewhere (including technical specs and benchmarks) but no clear answer has emerged. Advice appreciated.


      I am doing a much heavier video workload than in the past, with 4-8 layers, and preview is getting slow. I'm wondering if an upgrade from my current GTX295 would provide any significant rendering boost. In the past, I've stayed current with middle-top gaming performance but as I don't game much any more, I am more interested in a card that will boost my PP/AE capabilities.


      From reading, it looks like the GTX470/480 is the optimum solution for 5.5, while the 500/600 series stuff has capabilities 5.5 won't use.


      Would a 470/480 provide any significant boost over the 295? (Getting within the approved card list would be a goal as well.)


      Would any 500/600 card be a better buy with CS6 in mind? If I spend extra on a 570/580 or 600 series, will I get 470/480 performance under 5.5 and more under CS6?


      Thanks for any advice.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Any of those cards would offer an improvement over the 295 for those things that get accelerated.  That doesn't necessarily mean your videos will benefit, as we have no way of knowing how much of your sequence is accelerated by the GPU.

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            NitroPress Level 1

            Thanks. My impression is that nothing through the 500 series provides a substantial improvement over the 295 - the numbers seem to indicate the improvements would be moderate. Am I misreading things? Would the cost of a 500/600 series be worth the improvements over a 470/480?


            I do have the list of accelerated operations and I use a good many of them.

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              JEShort01 Level 4



              Your CPU is likely the biggest bottleneck in your current rig. You can confirm this by monitoring your CPU usage (Task Manager / performance tab) and GPU usage (I use MSI Afterburner which may also work to monitor GPU on non-MSI graphics cards).


              My vote would be save your cash and put it towards a new motherboard, cpu, and RAM when you have enough. Good Intel i7 options would range from around $600 to $1000 and would completely blow away your Athlon so far as performance for Premiere Pro CS5/5.5/6 goes.