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    Help! Changes in forms in DW CS6?

    bernwa Level 2

      I've been using an extention called HDW Form2mail for Dreamweaver for a while.  It has always been a simple way to get info from my site without a database.  But it's not working right in DWCS6.  I notice that while placing form elements in my form that the info box that use to pop up in DWCS5 no longer comes up.  You use to be able to insert labels and other options.  Is that now removed?


      Anyway, when I go back and creat the form in CS5 and use Form2mail it works perfect.  But in DWSC6 it does not.


      Here are examples if you have moment.


      This is the one created in CS5 that works perfect:



      This is the one that doesn't work done in DWCS6:



      By the way, I contacted the maker of this extention and downloaded the latest version.


      Any insight would be so appreciated!




      Bernie C