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    "Canvas" in legacy-saved files?

    wkjeiwoi Level 1

      believe it or not, I am finding and resurrecting AI files of mine with Save dates going back to the year 2000!


      in the OS X Finder, they appear, and are regarded as "text files" but Illustrator CS6 will open them with no static..I'm merely warned that I need to update them, which I do and all's well in the kingdom.


      Seems, however, these documents don't want to "let go" of what I believe I'm warned is the "canvas."  Unlike the much better "artboard" metaphor which can be any size you like, this canvas seems to be an insistent and persistent artifact of the version of AI these were created/Saved in, and I'm guessing that was version 7, 8, possibly 9. The canvas squawks about things like, "canvas can't be smaller than the art on it" and stuff like that..words to that effect.


      Any clues on how I can rid meself of it? It may be that I could simply select all, copy and paste into a fresh, new AI CS6 document, but I hate to destroy layer relationships and most/all of these old files are set up with layers...I'm an ardent believer in layers...


      Thank you for any clues!


      Mac OS X, 10.8.2, CS6 stock install (waiting until an upgrade bug is fixed before re-upgrading via the various updaters supplied by Adobe.)