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    Playback delay after switching panels

    minutephysics Level 1

      I've just moved to Premiere from FCP and everything is wonderful except there's a 2 second (I timed it) delay for playback (i.e. I hit spacebar and wait 2 seconds before playback begins) immediately after switching panels - for example, from the Source to the Timeline. The delay only happens for the initial playback attempt; afterwards playback response is perfect. It also only happens if I actually playback in another panel before switching, i.e. if I am working in source panel, switch to timeline (but don't playback) and switch back, playback in source is fine. But once I play back in timeline panel (after a delay) the focus seems to "switch" there and now switching back to source panel incurs another delay. Also, there's no delay switching back and forth between the timeline and program panels - just back and forth to the source panel.


      This isn't much of an issue for refining edits within the timeline or for pure assembly from the source panel, but for inserting, overwriting, etc it's a real hassle. Also, it doesn't seem to matter what kind of media or format I'm using, it happens for video-only, audio-only, aiff, h264, prores, etc.


      I'm running CS 6.0.2 on a 3.1GHz i5 iMac, 8GB RAM


      Hope someone can help!