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    When Rendering 1080p video Photoshop only uses 50% of the processor and 50% of my ram... Normal?


      It is taking 6 - 7 hours to render 2 - 6 minute 1080p videos down to 720p. Granted there are about 10 - 15 layers and a bunch of editing... but when I look at the performance monitor during rendering the intire resources used by my computer is around 45% - 50% for memory, processor, and little to no GPU is this normal?


      It just seems really wierd to me. I have read the Adobe blog and watched the Learning Videos on the website on how to adjust the performance settings and have 90% of the RAM alocated to Photoshop. Any help would be nice or if this is normal that okay as well.


      Thank you in advance.


      :::   PC Specs   :::


      Photoshop CS6 Extended 64-bit
      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit

      AMD FX 8150 Eight Core Processor
      16GB of RAM DDR3
      AMD Radion HD 4200 (I know it's old but its apparently not being used much anyway)
      C: Drive    -    32GB OCZ2 SSD  - Four of them in RAID0  (I've read that this could be a bad idea but i had them laying around and I needed more than 32GB)

      Scratch Drive   -   2TB older 5200rmp HDD

      Rendering to and From    -   1TB 7200rpm HDD