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    Field properties subtitle


      Is it possible to have submenus for field properties so, for instance, if I have a text field labeled "Parent/guardian" I can then have a submenu clarifying this that says "this name will be the primary contact for student"? I realize you can add multiple lines in field property labels, but then when I export, the entire field property entry gets translated into my excel spreadsheet titles. Thus, instead of the excel title being "Parent/guardian", it's "Parent/guardian this name will be the primary contact for student".


      I thought about inserting a "formatted text" field, but I would have to put that before or after the fields where the respondent answers, and that would make the form flow awkwardly.


      I used to work on forms on a website call "school wires" and it allowed you to enter a submenu (or subcategory or subtitle). It also allowed you to designate what excel title you wanted for each question. Anything like this on Adobe FormsCentral?


      Thank you.

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          The labels exported to Excel are determined by what is shown in the column headings in the View Responses table. By default the field label in the Design tab and the response column heading match. You can edit the Response table heading columns to be whatever you want.


          Hope that makes sense.



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            ns.wheeler@gmail.com Level 1

            Hi Randy, we tend to export the data several times along the way, and each time we would have to clean up the titles, and that's a pain. But I decided to divide each question with a line and used the text field below. I think it's fairly readable from the enduser standpoint (althoug not as graceful as I'd like), and at least the copy I don't want exported is not in the Excel field titles anymore.


            The field labels also appear in the Adobe FormsCentral notifications. This is problematic because we print out each page from the email for each entry and use this as our sign in system (the student signs and paper when the artwork is turned in). A suggestion: It would be great if you could choose alternate names for each field, and those would be then names exported to both the spreadsheet and the email.


            One other suggestion -- is it possible to reduce the size of the embedded header in the Adobe FormsCentral email. It take up a quarter of the page, which makes the entry type much smaller.


            Thank you.