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    Camera Raw Preferences in Adobe Bridge CS6

    FinlanderfromMinn Level 1

      I can click on Camera Raw Preferences from the Adobe CS6 Menu, but nothing happens. No error meesages come up, but nothing happens.


      I recently installed ACR7.3. I did have some problems getting ACR7.3 installed. The updater from Photoshop and Bridge didn't seem to install it.  I had to download ACR7 and install it.


      After the successful install of ACR7.3,  I can double click on an image in Adobe Bridge CS6 and it will open the raw image in ACR7.3 in Photoshop CS6.


      The other annoyance is that the images for my RAW files for my Panasonci GH3 don't display in Adobe Bridge. They appear as a blank icon



      I am running on a Mac OS X 10.6.8 64 bit


      Adobe Bridge CS6

      Adobe Camera Raw

      Adobe PS C6 13.0.4  x64


      I do have older versions of Adobe CS5 and CS4 that I have never removed. I've never had problems before. And didn't need the space so I just left them.


      Any ideas of why Adobe Bridge CS6 and ACR7.3 aren't in sync? - Thanks Rod