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    Flash Install Windows 7 IE9


      I have been tyring to get flash to work for the last 4-5 hrs using various recommendations from Adobe forums and other forums.  I have gone from irritation, to fist pounding, to despair, and now defeat.  I know this question has been asked by many people and it makes me angry to add to the pile.


      What started the entire thing was my son asking to play World of Tanks.  We downloaded the initial installer.  We tried to get the installer to run but it "hangs" showing the flash screen / update screen for the game and nothing works.  There is a help on the WOT fourms and we went through that.  The main splash screen uses IE settings so I verified and checked those.  My guess is it has something to do with flash.  That is one of the things they recommend - update flash.  IE9 was running flash 11.1.


      I am running AMD win 7 64 bit machine with IE 9.  Some say check the manage add ons section.  I did.  I found shockwave and flash were both enabled.  Some say check the security settings - some things had to be swtiched.  I did.  Some say make sure the Active X Filtering is turned off.  Yep.  Some say make sure Java is updated.  Done.  Some give a link for a manual download.  Done it - no luck.  Download link doesn't work?  Use an alternate browser and manual download.  Tried again - no go.  Some say do a regedit and delete a certain key because the installer will hang.  Yep, that's true but can't delete even after re-assigning permissions.  Running User as administrator?  Yea.  Selecting Run installer as Administrator on the installer?  Yea.  Try uninstalling and  re-installing.  Uninstalled.  Now I have no flash, no shockwave in add ons.  Tried getting shockwave back but can't install as 64 bit browser.  OK.  Use the 32 bit browser follow these instructions.  Done.  Download site takes me back to the instructions page telling me  to use a 32 bit browser.  Loop de Loop!  Try getting flash a few more times, re-check settings.   Nope.


      I believe I am now worse off than before because at one time I did have those add-ons in the list.  Now neither show up.  I am at wits end here and wanting to kick little puppies.  I don't want to kick little puppies I want flash to work.


      Are there any other suggestions or ideas on what I might be doing wrong?