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    help with cropping video


      I am trying to make it look like I am walking out from a light post.  I cropped a clip and layed it over the right side of the post to hide me so I can walk out on the left side.   When I crop the clip to lay over another video clip, the exported video shifts the cropped clip up higher on the background clip than it showed before exporting the video.  so basically my whole body except my legs are hidden.  Does anyone know why it is doing this?


      i feel like when I add the crop effect it is changing the dimensions.  I can even set all sides to crop zero percent and it will still shift everything up.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is your original video coming from and what format and resoluton is it?


          What version of the program are you using? When you look under the Edit menu, what Project Settings are listed?


          Some video formats (MPEGs, for instance) are notorious for shifting like this. And there is a workaround if that is the case.