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    Character Styles in the Real World

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      Thanks for your efforts, and let me add my Amen to both subjects (on file locations and on Character styles).

      My real-world use of Character styles is a combination usage of Paragraph and Character styles for Notes: I have a Paragraph style called Note, which simply adds margins of .15in Left, 10pt Top, and 8pt Bottom. Within this paragraph style, multiple labels announce the type of Note with the use of Character styles NoteLabel (Navy), RecommendLabel (Teal), CAUTIONLabel (Purple), and WARNINGLabel (Red).

      This way, you can change the color of one or more labels without worrying about the paragraph settings (or vice versa).

      Also, when placing a Note inside a table cell (which might have limited horizontal space, especially with three or four columns), we still use the "Label" character styles but without the Notes paragraph style. This still sets off the text visually, without adding unnecessary extra vertical space.

      Thanks again, Rick!