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    Looking to hire an Indesign Scriptwriter


      I am importing a huge Excel document into InDesign - it's a listing of Restaurants by state that include name, address, some icons, and descriptions. Each of these modifiers/columns needs its own font treatment and spacing. I am looking for someone who can put together a script that will automatically format the Excel document as I import it into InDesign. You must be able to show me some other scripts you've written (that work). The Excel document already has each column formatted by font, but it's not exporting into InDesign. I don't want tables - this is a straight continuous list.


      Not sure what cost is, was thinking $75? I can pay via Paypal. Was thinking $30 on agreement and $45 on completion/testing.


      I can give you sample Excel doc and Indesign layout PDF so you can get a better idea of what I'm looking to do. I was told GREP could do this, but am at a loss with that too.


      I have tried researching this on my own, but I will admit that scripting is not an area of InDesign I know that much about, and with a deadline for this project fast approaching, figured it wouldn't be the best time to learn eiter!


      Thank you for any/all help.


      My email is everardstrong@hotmail.com

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          It can be done be exporting data from Excel as IndesignTaggedText or can be processed in InDesign.

          You can also import Excel as table - then style each column, then convert Table to text - and it should work, too.

          Or you can use DataMerge if you need to do this more than one time - works the same way as good old DataMerge in WORD


          By the way - are you working on PC or Mac platform - as I can script it for you only for PC platform - you can contact me on priv.