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    Flash Player keeps crashing when playing war commander


      hi all,


      im trying to play war commander on fb, everytime i go to attack a base flash player keeps crashing,


      or the plug in container stops working....


      when i use chrome it doesn't connect.


      I have used i.e firefox opera chrome safari none of them made any difference.


      i have un installed flash downgraded to ver 10.3 made no difference,


      put on a clean install of flash lateest version still keeps happening


      im running win 7


      ram    1.gb


      processor  1.50 ghz


      232gb free space on hdd


      ping test was   18ms


      jitter  was 1ms


      speed 67.6mb


      line grade a


      i used a friends laptop, and it worked fine no issues, the only difference was she had a 1.60ghz processor..



      can anybody help with this please?


      thank you