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    Premiere Pro CS6 playback issues & graphics glitches


      Hi everyone.

      For a few days now (not sure whether it's been like this since the latest update) I have been experiencing serious playback issues and graphics glitches with Premiere Pro CS6. I'm on a Macbook Pro Retina.


      Please see attached screenshot for reference. What happens is, I start Premiere - it works fine for a few minutes, but at some point things start to go wrong. The program monitor doesn't show anything anymore, even though the playhead is moving and I get audio.

      Sometimes, either the program monitor or the source monitor displays some other part of the Premiere UI or even OSX Finder windows/ other applications like safari. What you are seing in the screenshot is a glitch showing a part of the source window within the program window.

      Once this happens, there's nothing I can do but to restart Premiere.


      Does anyone else have these kinds of issues?

      Premiere is becoming unusable for me at the moment, which is a serious issue since this is my primary NLE.


      What also happens from time to time is the following: i start up my project, and once i do anything like moving the playhead, i receive the following error message "a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Pro to shut down" which then does exactly what it says. this will happen repeateadly until i restart my computer.


      Thanks for your help. screen23.jpg