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    Removing Grain

    Deaf-Danny Newcomer

      Hi I have read over a few posted here removing grain from videos. I have a 2 and half hours of my sister's 30th Birthday party and has a lot of dark parts and what to brigthing it up. I brighting it up a bit and it comes up with grain which is expected. I viewed some tutorials on Youtube but they only show a 10mins clips. However mines is a 2 hours video also i don't know how the box remove grain works. Most of the video is filled with grain. I cut bad parts out in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and then imported it to After Effects but only shows 30mins on the timeline.


      Hope this makes sense.

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          gckpotti Newcomer

          first of all, while shooting a video you have to be sure that the iso settings is suiting to the light settings. it's ideal to keep iso settings below 320 in any indoor/night shootings. the settings itself keep you far away from such grains hurdles.

          it is also not clear from your post that the comp settings in AE is checked and ensured that it has been set  to video size or not

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            Rick Gerard Mythic

            First of all, removing grain effectively is a process that takes a very long time to render compared to other opperations. You should only remove the grain on shots that actually need it.


            You said that your video about the birthday was 2 hours. Wow, it's as long as a feature film. Make sure your audience is up for watching every minute of the birthday party. If you are planning on editing the party to a short film then I'd only apply grain removal to the cut version of your project.


            When you said you imported into After Effects but it only shows 30 minutes on the timeline what do you mean? How did you import the party footage? How did you set up the comp. It sounds like you need to go through the basics. Changing the length of the composition and therefore changing the length of the timeline is one of the first things you should learn how to do. The settings are in Composition>Composition Settings (Ctrl/Cmnd + k) so it's not hard to find.

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              Deaf-Danny Newcomer

              I don't have any of those settings on my camcorder

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                Deaf-Danny Newcomer

                I imported by using Adobe Dymanic link via Premeire Pro. I have to use the whole 2 hours of video i missed her 18th Party.... due to camcorder never charged So I have to make up for her 30th Birthday party

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                  Rick Gerard Mythic

                  Well, make it a movie you'd want to watch. Even family gets bored with a real time event. My eldest daughters sweet 16 video is 8 minutes and she watches it all the time and shares it with her friends.

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                    Szalam Ninja

                    Making a long, boring video is not going to make up for anything. Well, that is, unless you're trying to make them glad they didn't get a video of the 18th party...


                    Take Rick's suggestion and cut it down to the interesting parts and make it good.

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                      Deaf-Danny Newcomer

                      It is not just the grain that is the problem. The video is too dark when i bright it up the grain stands out correct?

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                        Szalam Ninja

                        Deaf-Danny wrote:


                        It is not just the grain that is the problem. The video is too dark when i bright it up the grain stands out correct?

                        It sounds reasonable that if your video was shot without correct lighting, after a certain amount of brightening the image in post, it will be more noisy. Once you edit the video down to the good parts in Premiere, import your Premiere project into After Effects and follow the advice given in tutorials on noise and/or grain removal. There are bunches of tutorials out there. Watch a few of them and use what techniques work best for your footage.

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                          Deaf-Danny Newcomer

                          Here is sscreenshot what the video loooks like

                          Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 00.48.16.png

                          After I tried to remove grain in after effects that is a good shot the only time loads of girls were dancing.....

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                            Rick Gerard Mythic

                            First change your project settings to 32 bit. Second Duplicate the footage layer. Third, change the blend mode of the top layer to ADD. Now duplicate the top layer again so you have the original at the bottom and two duplicates set to add above it. Adjusting the opacity of the top layer will help you bring the exposure in line.


                            Now add Channel blur to the middle layer and blur the blue channel. Now apply Median to the top layer and adjust that a bit to average out the pixel values.


                            As a final step add an adjustment layer with Curves on top of everything to bring back some of the contrast. Once that's done either render the footage to a production codec or pre-compose the lot and then add your reduce grain filters to the pre-comp.


                            This should give you better results than just applying noise. It's still noisy, still soft, but at least you can see some of what is going on.


                            Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 10.40.38 PM.png