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    Mac CS6 Bridge will not open


      I know this has been discussed a lot on the forums and I have read all of those, but I am frustrated after 3 weeks of working on this.  I bouht my wife Photoshop CS6 for xmas and loaded on our iMac running 10.8.2.  She was running Elements 8.  CS6 Bridge will not open.  Get a message "operation can not be completed". It will also not open from inside Photoshop either.  Following other posts, went into Library and deleted switchboard folder, plist files, and other listed files.  Did an option start on CS6 and reset to factory, delete thunbnails.  Performed PRAM and disk permissions repair.  None of this has fixed the problem.  The only thing that works is creating a new user account.  Bridge opens fine in my test account.  Next step is to make test account the main account; however, this is going to be a pain.  Any other ideas before I undertake this?

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Looks like you have tried all the suggested methods, so good job on that.  Your solution to create a new account is one that has worked for many where nothing else has worked.  This usually means some permission or default setting has not been affected by your actions.


          The only suggestion I can offer is to uninstall CS6, run Adobe Script Cleaner, then reinstall.  Hope this works.