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      I have an HP  6380  All-in-One.  I can print on it from PSE 8 but cannot scan into the program.  When I try, I get the error message that there is no WIA-supported device detected.  What do I do, please?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          Have you ever disabled the TWAIN plug-in e.g. if you experienced the program crashing on start up?

          Check that you have the twain 8ba file in the plug-ins folder or that its not been renamed with a tilde (~) symbol or to something like twainOLD.


          If that’s not the case you may need to check your drivers are up to date.


          See these notes:





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            maerlyn2 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response.  I checked the folder as directed in the notes, and the file is TWAIN_32 - nothing in front of it, so I'm thinking it's ok.  I'll have to see about the driver.

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              maerlyn2 Level 1

              According to the HP website, the current driver is from 2009, and my computer is newer than that, so I must have the right driver.  I've had problems with the driver not being detected, thus not being able to print, but I downloaded the darn thing about 3 times and finally got that working several months ago.  The program *prints*, so wouldn't that indicate that the driver is ok?  Is there a difference (there must be!) between TWAIN and WIA?  Maybe that's the problem?  But I go back to the fact that I can print, but I cannot scan.  It's given me a headache.