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    Migrating to Flash Builder 4.7


      I have been developing a mobile game for some time, and everything was ok, except one. I have near 50 classes, and Flash Professinal might recompile all of them each time I make a few changes. (Compilation time ~ 30 seconds).

      I decided to migrate to Flash Builder 4.7 (hope it will compile immediatly). It was my first time I launched Flash Builder. I clicked 'New ActionScript project' (first of all, I need to test game on my computer), choosed folder of my game (folder that contains .fla), specified project name and replaced 'bin-debug' with '_bin-debug' (I thought this folder will be used for temp files, and I use underscore for temp files...).

      But result was unpredictable:

      1) FB copied all project files to '_big-debug' folder. Why???

      2) I tried to delete this project and create new one, but when selecting folder for a new project FB wrote that this folder is used by another project! I deleted '.project' file, what else should I delete to delete whole project?

      3) I restored '.project' file... Import project from folder... And tried to compile it. Before that I deleted 'Main.as' (because I have 'Startup.as'), thus, as I expected, it didn't compile. I tried to change main class of the project, but I didn't find how! How?

      4) My '.fla' file contains several profiles (for testing on computer, for iOS and for Android). How to set up such a profiles in FB?

      Help me please.