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    Adding jQuery to an Edge project

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      redesign posted on the discussion entitled "Text Animation" about adding a Jquery "plug-in" for typing text.

      It is a very simple plug-in (with Edge example!), therefor easy to understand how Edge works with adding jQuery - Thank you redesign!


      I haven't added any jQuery to my project yet and this was a simple jquery script, making it easy to understand!


      Correct me if I'm incorrect:

      1. Use yep/nope to call the necessary jQuery (or javascript) scripts.

      2. add code needed for each jQuery "plug-in".


      Here is my question:


      When adding a jQuery "plug-in", do you make it a "symbol" and then add the symbol where you need it to appear in your project?

      (the only way I see to be able to place it where you want)?