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    Adobe Photoshop registration




      Some time ago my brother bought me a Photoshop CS5.1 digital copy though his account from the Adobe store, as a git. Afterwards I created an account and registered the PS on it. I wanted to know if there is a problem with this, was the serial bound to his account only or is this done only at registration ? I read recently something about licensing and it got me worried.


      I would have contacted the Adobe support directly to ask them in this matter but I can't seem to find where write them.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          From what I know Activation is more importatant than Registration.  If you brother never activated it you are probably good.  But this is just my educated guess.

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            CGabriell Level 1

            After reading the Adobe store download help page, I came to the conclusion that when you purchase a product from the Adobe store, that product is not registered to that account ("After registration, you can view your products under the My products section of My Adobe"). It only appears in the orders section.


            Has anyone had a similar experience, for me everything seems a little confusing ?


            Thank you.