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    Flow of an Edge project

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hello all-


      I was going to add this t the end of my last post but though it would be better to start a new discussion since it is a different subject :-)


      Here goes:


      Is it possible to add a symbol inside a symbol and if so is it a good idea to do so?


      I'm building a simple web site using Edge.  Would this be a good "flow" for a site:


      Right now, the first page is a project.

      I have a banner, which is a symbol.

      I could have another symbol added as well, haven't decided yet.

      Later on, I was thinking of making each page a symbol and making the site be the "project".


      Is there any advantage or disadvantage to using symbols in building a "hierarchy"?



      website - project

      web page - symbol

      banners, jQuery, sections, etc... - symbols within symbols ( jQuery(symbol) within banner(symbol) within web page(symbol) within website (project) - this also makes it easy to reuse symboles elsewhere)!





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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, James-


          Yes, you can and should use symbols within symbols.  It can be a very powerful way to reuse elements in multiple locations but only defining it once!





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            shadowfax007 Level 1

            Thanks Elaine!


            Now this is going to be a lame question but I seem to be having a brain freeze-


            I have my "page" (.html) with everything on it.


            At the top of the page, I'm creating a banner(banner1).  This "banner" is a symbol within the project page.

            I want to break it into three separate symbols(banner1, banner2 & banner3), all to run consecutively on the .html page inside the Edge project..


            My thinking was that "If I could break this into three parts, it would make my life that much easier - plus I can then use 2 of those parts on other pages yet to be created!"


            So, I first tried to "copy" the second part (already completed as part of banner1) onto a new page but it didn't copy very well at all, leaving parts in the timeline all over the place.


            What is the best way to crete a new symbol out of a piece of symbol "banner1" already written?


            Then I thought I'd just start on the third part for now but don't know how(or remember) to start.  Within the symbol "banner1", I went to the end of my timeline and drew a black rectangle that encompassed the symbol's "stage" which is black (I can't create a symbol from the stage), thus creating a symbol.  Is this a good way to do it, or should I just add my first item at the end of the symbol "banner1's" timeline and create a symbol out of that?  I don't know why I thought about creating the black background - my mind works that way at times :-)


            I hope this makes sense and thanks for the help!