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    Changing font




      getting pretty frustrated because I've never experienced this problem before.


      I changed my font in dreamweaver, but when I go to preview the change in my browser it's still the same font as before.


      I applied the font to an h1 tag and have all the code correct, both in the source code and CSS Stylesheet.


      Has anyone had this happen to them before and, if so,  did you resolve the matter?


      I would greatly appreciate any help I could get on this matter.

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          Nancy O. Legend

          I assume by changing fonts in DW, you really mean you changed font in the CSS code.


          Did you refresh your browser?


          Are you using Web Safe font-families?



          Can you show us a link to your page?



          Nancy O.

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            jgrummel Champion

            Can you provide the snippit of code you're using to change the font?



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              Octavia1890 Newcomer

              Yes I refreshed the page. And actually refreshing the browser doesn't even apply here since I click on Preview in firefox, or safari, or whatever.


              Yes I know where I wrote the code, I wrote it. It's simple CSS, you know, font-family: American Typewriter; like that. So I know what I mean.


              And yes I thought of everything except that it may not be a web safe font. So I will look into that, and thank you for that, but......


              otherwise maybe you should consider that just because someone asks a question doesn't mean they know nothing at all.


              Sometimes it just means that they overlooked a possible solution themselves.


              Next time I'll specify exactly where I wrote the code in the first sentence.


              Excuse me, I'm sorry, I mean external CSS stylesheet.

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                Nancy O. Legend

                otherwise maybe you should consider that just because someone asks a question doesn't mean they know nothing at all.


                I make no assumptions about anyone.   I don't know you.  I don't know what your skill level is. All I know is that if you're asking a question in these forums it's because you're stuck & need help.  We've all been there.


                Changing fonts in DW can be interpreted several different ways: a) you changed a system font which effected DW, or b) changed fonts in the HTML code  or c) changed fonts in an embedded or external style sheet  or d) changed to a custom web font with TypeKit, etc... So you see, the more information you provide clearly & concisely, the quicker you'll get a correct answer.  Showing us your code is the quickest way to get help here.


                Have a great day!


                Nancy O.