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    Documentation and Use Recommendations Adobe Digital Editions 2

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      I have reviewed Quick Start Guide that came with Adobe Digital Editions 2.0! Is there more Documentation for this software? Had to reinstall it just to remove untitled Bookshelves once I had Activated a Digital ID on Win XP Pro PC! I'm also interested in hearing opinions on how to Use it with Nook Color and Android Devices that are NOT Supported by Adobe! I am also trying not to Install it on Win7!


      I'm only interested at this point in getting to all the books purchased with the Nook Color! I currently don't want to use a  Cloud Library for my devices but two soon  to be out of Service Win XP and Vista PC's to store my Digtial Library! I also interested in hearing how Public/Private Educational Institutions are using Ereaders and DRM Locked Media (i.e. what Software Package are you using if any?). I noticed a lot of them are using Overdrive with Adobe Digital Editions (Libraries).


      My Questions in Relationship to Adobe Digital Editions 2:

      1. There is a Limit on the number of Home Devices!
      2. What happens when you reach your limit?
      3. How can a Home User See what devices have been registered, so that I can deregisterr, that I know will no longer be used, (sold, lost, stolen or broken)?
      4. Is there a plan to Port this software directly to Android? (Make it so that I don't have to attach my Device to a Windows/Mac PC for access Digital Media)?