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    New code exporting SWF?

    lou_bra Level 1
      hello everybody

      I have no idea what kind of changes have Adobe made to CS3 referring the process of exporting SWFs. It is obligatorily (as default) generating an AC_RunActiveContent document. That java does not allow any user to open it who does not have flash application installed. WHY is THAT? How can I configure it to export a single SWS which can be opened from flash player, without this code???

      I went reading about CS3 and they say this is to make the file able to run with real player or so others... I sent my file to friends and clients (everybody has flash player installed) and no one could open it, excepting the programmer who token the code off..

      Please, if anyone knows how to take it off by default (it can be a configuration or only manually?), let me know,

      thanks a lot