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    How to change DNS zone, or how to host email outside of BC


      I have BC from Creative Cloud Suite, so I have the cheapest possible plan for BC.  Meaning I don't get any email hosting.  So I was looking to host email outside of BC.  I looked it up on google to see if it could be done (I'm really new with all this hosting stuff!), and I found that if you change the DNS zone and MX records to certain things you could.  I had to delete the MX record I had set up prior to finding out BC won't host my email, and I went to set up an Advance DNS Records.. But I'm not sure what to do! There's a lot of information I'm not sure about, and I don't know what goes where!


      I'd like to have godaddy host my email, and what I found is that I need to change my DNS zone to: mailstore1.secureserver.net and change MX records to 0 smtp.secureserver.net 10 mailstore1.secureserver.net


      I may end up finding somewhere else to host email at a later point, but right now I just want to try to figure out how to do this so I'll be able to in the future.  Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you