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    Drag and Drop problem?


      I would like to setup the position of an image inside a container using the mouse.
      The Drag and Drop manager seems to be the tool to use.

      However I'm facing a big problem:
      depending on the mouse click position on the image a part of the container refuses to accept the drop (the mouse pointer shows the white cross on a red disk cursor).

      For example, it happens clicking close to the right border of the image and dragging it horizontally towards the left. The "Red disk" cursor appears while the mouse pointer is still inside the canvas container.
      To illustrate the problem I took the Drag and drop example in the Flex documentation ("Drag-and-drop techniques and considerations"), changed only the dimensions of the image and of the container and put it online:

      I would be happy to know if someone has already got this problem and found out a solution to overcome it.

      Thank you in advance.