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    How to create heirarchical numbered lists in InDesign CS6


      Hi all,


      I have searched quite a bit on the web for the usual tutorials which assist with basic layout queries.


      I have never had to try and build manuals with heirarchical lists in them in InDesign.

      Something that Word does automatically (including all the usual problems with subsequent formatting of course).


      What I need is an approach to getting a manual laid out and able to be updated and edited as easily as possible.





           x.y Content paragraph

               x.y.z Content sub paragraphs






      1. Balancing the internal shafts

           1.1 Accessing the spindle

                1.1.1 C-Clips and bearing removal

                1.1.2 Reversible bezel fitting

           1.2 Removing the spindle

      2. Setting up the lathe




      I have tried all sorts of ways to get some automatic handling of this but because it is tied to the paragraph format and I have section and body formatting I find that I can get 1 level numbering that appears to work:


      1 Balancing the internal shafts

           1 Accessing the spindle

           2 C-Clips and bearing removal

           3 Reversible bezel fitting

           4 Removing the spindle

      2 Setting up the lathe


      I am beginning to think that this is not quite able to be setup in InDesign but I would like some comments if possible...


      Best regards,