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    (Beginner Question) Simple animation looks blurry in RAM Preview even in full resolution.


      Information about my system:


      Windows 8 x64

      8GB RAM

      4 CPUs

      AE project: 1280px X 720px / 29.97FPS / Square Pixels




      I apologize in advanced for my lack of technical words for my explanation, I'm not too knowledeageable around AE.

      I'm working on a fairly simple animation that involves position and rotation. I have several pre-compositions for individuals animations, and I have set up a "main composition" where all these pre-comps are being put together.


      When previewing them together by using RAM Preview, I'm noticing the animation looks blurry as compared when viewing them in their own individual pre-composition.


      Here you can see this animation within its pre-composition workarea. No blur is present.



      However, the scenario's different here …




      Any help will be appreciate it! Thanks.