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    how my clients can upload  raw video files to my linux server


      Any ideas or thoughts really welcome:


      I need to figure out a way or process for my clients to upload their raw video source files ( any known usual video formats and extensions) from their video cameras or devices or storage source  that is tied into or thru their computer with a firewire or USB 2+ connection    and then uploaded directly into my remote linux server.   my linux server hard drve space is not a problem..  


      Once client has finished uploading,  I would then download the resulting saved files to my computer for video/audio editing using Premiere 11


      I know that one restriction or problem would be their connection and ISP issues (throttling etc.) ,  My server permits basically unlimited up/download traffic,  so this should not be a problem and server has balancing.



      Do they need to use a typical ftp account and something like cuteftp???   however my understanding of FTP clients do not do streaming from a device????  yes or No??   I always thought just static files.....   aam I correct?


      how might my clients stream into my server.   i am wanting to set up an online video/audio editing website


      once i finish editing I would upload file probably as a zip file for them to unzip.  I can also build and send (mail)  out a DVD-CD or Blu-ray.  any other thoughts welcome on returning the finished edit.


      My tech people say that i cannot effectively load and operate Premiere onto my server to do the editing. 


      I would appreciate any feedback and ideas