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    Issue Targeting Symbol Placed With createChildSymbol & TweenMax


      Ok, so here's the deal. I'm moving over from Flash and trying to redo our existing Flash website, in Edge. I know with Greensock TweenMax it's possible to do what I want, but it's not working out as easily as I had hoped. I'm sure my issues are syntax/target related, but for whatever reason, it's just not clicking for me. I've read the API and it seems to make sense, but I'm still having issues. So here's my glitch/issue. Hopefully someone can help!


      I have a symbol on the stage, "mcMainClip". And I want to use a nested button I made into a symbol to trigger a TweenMax tween to move mcMainClip. The Button is nested a few symbols deep on a clip on the stage at the following path,  sym.getSymbol("mcHeader").getSymbol("mcMenuSystem").getSymbol("btnContact")


      So when I click on btnContact, I want mcMainClip to animate on the X axis via TweenMax. I can't for the life of me get it to move when I place the clip onto the stage manually. Any ideas?


      So in frustration I went another route... I decided to place mcMainClip on the stage dynamically. The mcHeader symbol I still have placed manually on the stage. But I have code in the document.compositionReady code window that looks like this:


      var mcMainClip = $(sym.createChildSymbol("mcMainClip", "Stage").getSymbolElement());


      That successfully generates the clip onto the stage for me. But, see if this makes sense. When I use that line of code above, it generates the symbol onto the stage and then I use TweenMax to place it and animate it as I desired. But here's the other wall I've hit. By doing this, I am able to animate it as I mentioned, however, I can't seem to then add any other symbols inside of mcMainClip. It's as if Edge can't see it. My goal doing it this way, is to then populate the contents of mcMainClip via code, the same way I would in Flash. But I can't seem to accurately add any children to mcMainClip when I place it on the stage dynamically. FRUSTRATING! So anyone... Please... Help.