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    urgent question with javascript acrobat!

    raykohbard Level 1

      Hi all,


      i am need help to change the colour from grey to black after a text is entered in the text field.


      Previously i did these step, but got stuck on changing the colour back to black after the text are input:


      (Im not a programmer trained so i believe im missing something) Please kindly help!!!



      ///In the onFocus action, add this JavaScript:

      if (event.target.value == event.target.defaultValue) {

      event.target.value = "" ;


      ///and in the onBlur action, add this JavaScript:

      if (event.value == "") {

      event.target.value = event.target.defaultValue ;





      onFocus event:

      event.target.textColor = ["G",0] ;


      onBlur event:

      event.target.textColor = ["G",0.5] ;