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    seeking not working in flex 4.5 netStream byteArray


      I am trying to play a flv video file in flex 4.5 with netStream byteArray. What I am doing is below:


      1. Creating a netStream and video object
      2. Attaching a netStream with video
      3. Reading flv file in byteArray
      4. Append byteArray in netStream using "appendBytes" method
      5. Playing video


      In this scenario Play, Pause, Stop functionalities are working fine with video.


      But when I am trying to seeking in video then it is not working.


      You can follow the code what I am doing by clicking on the link http://pastebin.com/fZp0mKDs


      Can anybody tell me, where am I am going wrong to implement seeking.


      Any code sample or any kind of help would be appreciated.