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    Blurry image in Android front camera

    Kobydo2 Level 1

      Hey All,

      I've been beating myself with this for a while, I need some help.

      I am using the device's front camera. In iOS it's working great. In Android - I get this fuzzy image that shows me the front camera 3 times with black and white stripes (See image).


      Here is my camera / video display related code:


      <s:VideoDisplay id="vid" x="10" y="15"/>



      private function getFrontCamera():Camera


         if (Camera.isSupported == false)


                                                        return null;


                                              var numCameras:int = Camera.names.length;


                                              if (numCameras == 0)

                                                        return null;

                                              if (numCameras == 1)

                                                        return Camera.getCamera("0");

                                              if (numCameras == 2)

                                                        return Camera.getCamera("1");

                                              return Camera.getCamera();



      var LocalVideo:Video = new Video(vid.width, vid.height);




      Note: This does not happen in Motorola for example, on other Andoird machines - it does.