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    continuous download of Flash Player


      Hello to all.

      Here is my problem: a few days ago, when I active IE I get a message box that asks me to install Flash player.

      The problem is that I have already installed and updated Flash!

      The message box appears every few minutes, I tried to answer NO, I tried to reinstall Flash ... The maddening message continues to appear!

      I read in the forum that the problem had already been presented in the past, but for me it is new. The PC has Vista Home Premium 64bit Service Pack 2 and IE 9.0.12. A possible event date for the beginning of the problem is this: two weeks ago I had a problem downloading from two sites, one even the government, a senior Assistant Microsoft told me to try to reset the IE options to their default.

      This action did not help solve the problem of download but since then, I think, appeared for the first time, the message box to install Flash Player.

      As I write this long message, the message box has appeared twice more.

      Thanks for your help and sorry for the length of the post

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          Devendra Kumar Adobe Employee



          For resolving these issues please do the following

          Open the below link and download the Adobe flash player uninstaller.


          Run this uninstaller and restart your system, install latest version of Adobe flash player from www.adobe.com.


          - Devendra

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            fiudicello Level 1

            Hi, I followed the instructions:

            • uninstall,
            • Delete files from specified folder
            • install,
            • make sure "ActiveX filtering" is inactive
            • and so on.


            Nothing has changed,

            even now as I write, I have on video the "pop" that asks for confirmation to install the Flash player.

            Whether I answer "no", or I answer "yes" and let it install, after a few minutes ...

            bang! here again the pop up.

            With the previous release everything worked properly ...

            Maybe if I give in to the insistence by activating Chrome or abandoning IE in favor of Firefox, then I would avoid this hassle ... but I'm stubborn and I WANT that my computer do what I want instead of what he wants!

            After 30 years of work, first as manager of the computer main frame, then as a project manager for the development of applications on networks I've learned that it is ALWAYS possible to make the computer do what you want ... you just have to find out what options to change and how.

            I apologize for my outburst of anger, but I'm tired of fighting against something that instead of helping me, causes a waste of time I should devote to other activities.

            Thank you in advance for your patience and for the help you want to give to me.

            Finally I apologize for my bad use of English

            Francesco Iudicello

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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              @fiudicello - I'm very interested in seeing this occur.  If you're up for it, I'd like to schedule a short desktop sharing session with you so I can see what's happening.  Please send an email to ccampbel@adobe.com and we can schedule something.