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    Word import - RH10 inserts negative indents (where RH8 didn't)


      Hi all,

      updating an existing project, I noticed that RH10 suddenly inserts a negative indent (something like -0.278in) even though no indent is defined in the Word style. Also there are no other settings like hanging etc. that might have an influence, it is a very simple style. Only way to change this is to manually define the style in the mapping dialog - not much work for one project, but I have many of this type.


      Do you have any idea what is going wrong? I previously worked with RH8 with these documents for a long time and no issue of this sort arised. I also verified that RH8 still imports the particular Word document correctly so it seems to be a RH10 vs 8 problem.



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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          The import routine changed at Version 8 and introduced a number of problems. Principally that it was not easy to import and then apply an existing CSS so that the topic looked like the rest of the project.


          Changes were made in 9.0 but there were still issues and many were fixed in 9.0.2. I am not aware the indentation level was one of them and I don't think I have seen others report that specifically. That said, with the number of changes, nothing surprises me.


          Is this indent applying to all styles or just one?


          See if the importing pages on my site help. If not, post back.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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            robert-sfl Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            thanks for the info, I was not aware of issues RH9 vs 8. The indent

            problem concerns several styles but not all.


            For these styles, Robohelp writes silly lines into the css linked to the

            imported topic, such as:

            text-indent: -17.85pt;

            margin-left: 17.22pt;

            margin-bottom: .0001pt;


            So after removing these lines the particular style is cured. I will

            create a css that contains the cleaned up styles from the projects (they

            use very similar styles) and then just copy it into each project after

            importing. A first test provided a good result.