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    How to insert HR-tag with the Rich Text Editor (RTE)?

    T. Fischer

      The discussion started with a comment from Jan 17, 2013 on http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/administering/configuring_rich_text_editor.html

      The following "summary" is mainly an adapted copy:


      Question: How is the RTE to be configured to allow the insertion of a horizontal rule (line, HR-tag)?


      * You can enable the misctools plugin and configure it to alow Source Editing Mode, so that you can manually add <hr> tags.

      These ideas might work too:

      * (miscadmin plugin) enable special characters and define one that adds <hr>

      * (paraformat plugin) define a format that adds <hr>



      * Unfortunately Source Editing Mode is not allowed (a customer requirement).

      * The hr-tag as special character is quoted out (encoded, escaped) by the RTE. Can that be omitted?

      * With paraformat the RTE adds another hr-tag when pressing the return key. I end up with more weird RTE-behavior, e.g. I cannot change back to another format. Also the hr-tag is not very well placed in the format drop down box (for intuitive usability).


      Can the encoding of special characters be ommited or is there again another way to insert hr-tags?

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          Sham HC Level 7

          Hi T. Fischer,


          Apart from option suggested from scott I could think of is develop custom plugins.   Leaving that options paraformat works well for me.  Please follow below instruction & let me know if it helps.


          Little background:-   First I have mapped HR to h6 & defined css for HR.  That means author can not using h6. 

          *    In order to change  another hr-tag when pressing the return key,  what you can do is from format menu again select paragraph after hitting return key.


          What special character you are reffering that is omitted? I am attaching the snapshot for a reference. If you need this package let me know i can share with you. 


          Apart from this we have enhancement request placed to support HR & currently it is not considered for next release. If you have a valid usecase & needs priority & fp  please file a daycare.