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    linking two or more forms


      Dear Support Team,

      the form I have created is rather long and complex. Now my idea is to break it down into several forms and link these with one another.

      But I am not sure whether that is possible.


      Also, in case clients fill a pdf offline but do not finish it in one day, can they safe what they have put in and revert to it later? Can they share what they have put in with others before submitting.


      Many thanks for your help,

      Inken Seltmann

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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          I guess it depends what you mean by "link". It you create separate forms they will act as separate forms (data from each form will go into its own response table).


          Regarding the PDF, they can fill it out offline over several days. Once complete they can click submit to send the data to our servers. Once submitted that response cannot be changed.