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    AE CS6 'sequence not available'




      I have a very weird problem.


      I'm trying to import an image sequence in AE CS 6 (updated to on Windows 7 x64. The image sequence is stored on a server using CIFS. When I browse to the directory containing the image sequence I select one file but the image sequence button is disabled and the label reads 'sequence not available'.


      If I try to import the same sequence in AE CS5 it works as expected.

      If I copy the sequence to my dektop before importing it in AE CS6, it works as expected.

      If I copy the sequence to another server using samba, it works as expected.

      If I import the sequence in AE CS5, save the project, then open the project in AE CS6 there's no problem.

      If I try another format (iff sequence instead of dpx) I get the same problem in AE CS 6.

      If I try to import a single frame of the sequence it works.

      If I try this on a Mac with AE CS 6, I can import the same image sequence that I couldn't import on Win7 x64, from the same server location



      I'm clueless... I hope someone can help me.


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