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    Sony PRS-T2


      Will you add support for the Sony PRS-T2 in the Adobe Digital Editions, and if so by when will you do it?

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          sjpt Level 4

          Is it not working, or are you concerned that it is not on the supported list?


          It may well work even though not offically supported. 

          Have you installed the Sony Reader software?

          For many Sony eReaders that also installs device drivers that are necessary to make the device work with ADE.


          If you are using ADE2.0 it may well be that even when it is officially supported it won't work correctly; like my Sony PRS-350.

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            Raudbjarn123 Level 1

            I've tried to connect my device to my computer (MacBook Pro) while the ADE is running. If I'm correct the ADE should recognize my device and I should be able to transfer my ebook to the reader. There's however no response from the ADE. My Sony ereader is however properly connected as I can navigate it via Finder. And since Adobe doesn't list it on the list of supported devices I just assumed it is not supported. Which is strange given that the PRS-T2 is the only reader Sony is marketing since quite a while.


            However, I have not installed any Sony Reader software, maybe there's a clue there. I downloaded the ADE two days ago, don't know what version but it should be the latest.

            Thanks for your support sjpt!

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              WHen i download the file then open it in my ereader PRS-T2 it says protected by digital rights management...