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    Index of AVI files are broken or missing after capture from analog tapes by Premiere


      Hello everyone,


      Using an analog to digital converter bridge (GrassValley Canopus ADVC-55) I tried to capture old Hi8 tapes using Premieres capture feature (is this recommended or is other software better?).

      I couldn't find any options on the output file, but they're AVI with 48 KHz 16bit PCM audio. They are around 13GB per hour in size, which is the size of the best possible output according to this article: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/615047?tstart=60

      So I guess the files are DV-AVI Type II with DV/DVC Codec (not sure though).

      Now I've got 13 tapes to capture, and the first 6 all went well, but when I open the 7th tape with VLC, it says the index is defect or missing, and can choose if I want to repair it or play it in it's current state.

      It plays pretty well with the last option, it only regurlaly skips some frames while playing. What can I do to solve this? Or doesn't it matter at all and should I ignore the message? And if it's bad, should I try to repair the files or am I better off capturing everything over again?


      I would like to thank you in advance for your help.


      Emiel Bos


      PS: I want to capture the tapes in the best quality possible, without any compression, file size doesn't matter. Am I doing it right this way?