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    Coordinate system in illustrator

    maguskrool Level 1

      Hi. I'm trying to build a shape in Illustrator CS6, OSX 10.7.5, using a script with setEntirePath. I begin with:


      var aPoints = new Array ([20, 50], [60, 30]);

      pShape = app.activeDocument.pathItems.add();



      I expected a diagonal line on my artboard but it is actually drawn outside it. From this I gathered that the y axis is considered inverted in javascript and so I have to change the code to var aPoints = new Array ([20, -50], [60, -30]); to get the intended result.

      To me this is not intuitive at all. Is there a reason this happens? And is there a way to change it so I can write the y coordinates the way they actually appear on Illustrator, with (0,0) at the top left and positive values to the right and down?


      Thank you.