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    Maintaining original frame size


      So I'm using trial of PE 11 to determine if it can handle a simple task...and it can't. I have a 10-second video clip that is 608 by 1080 from which  I want to create a sequence of images of that same size. Not any of the editing mode presets. When I click on first frame, it shows me the actual frame size within a 1920x1080 frame. Not what I want. How do I accomplish this simple task? I like being able to set output size and compression for jpg images, but it's all pointless if I can't maintain the original frame size. Nothing in help or PDF manual addresses this.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, PrE is limited to ONLY standard Video Frame Sizes, and does not allow one to create a Project with Custom Frame Sizes, like PrPro does.


          Now, from those standard Frame Sizes, with matching footage, one CAN Export/Publish/Share to many other Frame Sizes.


          If one has non-standard Frame Sizes, the best that they can do is to Import those into a standard Video Frame Size Project, and either allow for black borders, or do a Scale to fill those standard Video Frame Sizes, possibly also effectively cropping some of the original material's Frame.


          Good luck, and if you need to work with non-standard material, take a look at Premiere Pro.



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            eduardo__b Level 1

            Well, that confirms my assumption of the inadequacy of this application. It would be like PS Elements being limited to standard photo sizes. I see no reason for this format rigidity  in PreE. Thanks for your reply.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Well, video is different than are Images. There ARE standards, and PrE is designed to support the most common, and popular ones. It is designed to work with the vast majority of standards, and at that, works perfectly well for folk working within those standards. PrPro has much more latitude, in what it can work with. If I were using non-standard Frame Sizes, then it would be my choice, hands-down.


              You might want to look at some other NLE (Non Linear Editor) programs, as some might handle non-standard footage better. I would start with Sony's Vegas, and also look at CyberLink's PowerDirector and Magix MovieEdit Pro. Not sure what their respective capabilities are, but one might be better. I have both CyberLink and Magix, but my copies are so old, that I just do not know what the current versions might offer.


              Good luck,