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    After effect changes font on my computer




      I'm fairly new to after effects, I work with a team with different computers. We're making a kinetic typography but somehow on my computer the font completly changes. They change positions but the coords are still the same, all the letters are suppose to be capitalized but they aren't in my after effects. The file is exactly the same. On every other computers it works except mine.


      I'm using the new macbook pro retina 15" with mountain lion and have creative cloud with AE CS6



      How it should look



      how it does look.

      Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 18.04.00.png

      both computers run CS6, font is freeroad (available on dafont).

      I've been in contact with adobe help for 3 hours but they couldn't help me any further, and I'm at an loss. Anybody any ideas?