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    How to rotate a whole table

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      In a page layout document, I have a table that was created to be read 90°.

      Now, I need to bring the table in a normal orientation.

      I know how to rotate de text inside the cell but I need to rotate the whole table.

      So the header that is actualy the left column become the top row.


      I can't figure out out to rotate the table.

      I copied and pasted the table outside the page to rotate it. But, when pasted back in the page layout, it still turn 90°.


      Does anyone can help me?



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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The only way to rotate an entire table is to rotate the text frame that

          the table is in.


          So just select the text frame that the table is in, and rotate 90 deg.

          You will need to readjust the textframe so that it fits the page margins