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    my dynamic form - issue with saving data (urgent-i would greatly appreciate any help)



      I have some problems with this dynamic form (created in livecycle)  http://www.pathology.ubc.ca/Academic_Activity_Data_Form_Jan_4_2013.pdf .  It doesn't save data unless I add a' new row' to any of these tables.   There are a few text fileds and if I type anything in there data won't be saved unless I trigger it by adding randomly a table row.  This is big problem as this form will be used for updates and if I want to change any of my entered records I will always have to remember to 'add a new row' otherwise just adding/changing text won't be saved. This might sound confusing but you will understanding what is going on if you type in your name and save the form and then type in your name, add a table row and save the form (first case won't be saved second will).


      I would greatly appreciate any help.