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    Need Urgent help

      Hello, can anyone help please?
      we are a children's hospice and we have had to reinstall contribute and keep getting the following error message, and we need to get it sorted so we can update our website.

      Your ftp username or password is incorrect, please check your connection information or contact your administrator.

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          Julie Farr
          did you originally start contibute with a connection key from your administrator? if so, can you start the reinstalled version the same way? (the file extension is stc). However, if not, you need the ftp username and password to connect to your hosting company. You could try contacting them if you don't have access to your administrator . . . good luck, julie
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            stevetoon Level 1
            Thank you for your reply, no we did not have a connection key just ftp, username and password. now we have reinstalled the software on a completely different computer none of the login details work.