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    Example: installing / uninstalling Plugin like SearchControl

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      Hello guys,


      i have readden this website from adobe.com - Click here.


      But something links are died. i would like to know about correct code for Flex SDK 4.6 and Air SDK 3.5 / 3.6.

      I would like to say becasue i need install and uninstall into File.applicationDirectory via Evelation Right / privatages right / administration right for Windows 7, 8 and Vista.


      I have tried because nativeprocess and nativeprocessstartinfo won't work before Air App runs with "C:\\Windows\\System32\\reg.exe ADD ......."

      But it won't add into registry database. Why? If you want know because i have tested with MDM Zinc Application - Zinc App works better than Air App. But Why does Air App not work for adding registry key and registry valure?


      How do i get correct booleam with isAdmin with Adobe Air 3.5?

      Example my code:

      private var isAdmin:Boolean;
      public function get isAdmin():Boolean
                if(isAdmin == true){
                           *          If your error doesn't show than it will be writable into File.applicationDirectory
                           *      Is it possible because it works only administrative mode?
                               *      File.applicationDirectory is writable.
                          IOError = false;
                           *          If your Air Application doesn't work because it hasn't administratived mode than it will be
                           *          readdable. Heh?
                               *     It needs to add registry-key and -value into regedit database than it will assign into Air App with administrative mode.
                               *      File.applicationDirectory isn't writable.
                          IOError = true;
                return isAdmin;



      I would like to install or to remove plugin from C:\Program Files\AirApplication\plugin\< name of plugin >\


      What does it happen because Adobe Air has problem of access?


      Is it possible?


      Thanks for help and advanced support!


      PS: I have worked this example from MDM Forum - Zinc Application can work with RunAsAdmin Access Right.

      Thanks for visit my posting Visit my post!


      I am sorry because i force again with Adobe Air 3.5 , 3.6 and 3.7x I would like to be happy for access right with Adobe Air Applications. Would we not like to reslove same crazy problem with access right. Now we need to get access right. Big Thanks!


      Kind regards, Jens Eckervogt